Berlin Novelties: Heavy Slow Overtones

The overtone master visited Berlin: EARTH’s Dylan Carlson

I’ve longed to hear the American band EARTH live for years. Finally I had the opportunity this summer. A marvellous happening at Lido in Kreuzberg. It must have been the most humid and hot venue i’ve seen since Ionesco’s “The Chairs “in Kolkata. Dylan Carson – Lead guitarist and spiritual father of EARTH – even played some new songs. (These will appear on their next record in September: heavy slow (as usual) songs with tons of folkloric ornaments and overtones. All in all – mr. Carson’s musical direction reminded me about great Norwegian harding fellas. The same nerve, myriads of overtones and a slow metal country groove. Perfect miniatures instructions to the audience inbetween the songs as well. Just like the harding master Einar Mjølsnes from Voss.

The harding master Einar Mjølsnes

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