cover_Stup“Fabulous book about celebrity architect Leif Grung’s tragic life.  Highly successful debut book” (review: 6/6) –  Dagbladet

My first book came out in Norway mid-March: “Stupet – Leif Grungs krig” (English approximate title “The Cliff –  Architect Grung’s war “). Publisher: Vigmostad & Bjørke. The book investigates the death and tragedy of the Norwegian celebrity archictect Leif Grung (1894-1945). The book is written as a true crime.

In october 1945 Grung threw himself off a high cliff next to his biggest architectural project.   The official explanation was that Grung couldn’t bear the investigations against him: the Norwegian authorities suspected he collaborated with the nazis during the war.  Grung himself had tried to tell and convince the police that he was a double agent for the british secret guerilla organization SOE.  No one ever believed him – until now, 70 years after the war, due to the investigations in this book.

“The book about celebrity architect Leif Grung is a treasure chest”  –  NRK  Book (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

“Nicholas Møllerhaug’s book is a mix of detective story, splendid investigative journalism and true crime action.  Rarely i read non fiction literature with such a enthusiasm and engagement.”  – BT

“Incredibly exciting story. ” NRK Critics  (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

 “A riveting and exciting journey (…) He (Nicholas Møllerhaug) does a brilliant job to raise Grung’s reputation as an architect,  and ask important questions about envy, hypocrisy and transparency”. (review 5/6) – Trønderavisa

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