Leif Grung: Søre van der Weldes vei 4, ca 1934

This is one of my Grung favourites. It’s situated two houses from where i lived myself. It’s just four houses away from where Leif lived himself (look below)  – in the  quartier of Bergen called Paradis.  Between 1928 and 1945 he designed and raised around 40 Grung houses in this area.  His own vision was  200 houses – which his death made impossible.


Leif Grung  (1928): Torvalmenning 7 (oil painting by Grung)

This was the first large (betong-)townhouse designed by Leif Grung.  It’s situated at the central main square of Bergen.  The commission was due to the grand city fire of January 15th 1916  (within the night it destroyed 380 buildings)  On the two ground floors the commissioner himself – the merchant Christopher Bruun – had his grand store.  The upper floors were in 1928 filled by offices, 4 doctors,  menswear/women’s clothing),  masseuse (!) and several ship owners, ship brokers and other brokers.   In the three upper floors: apartments.