My Høyblokka-Contribution reviewed in Aftenposten

Høyblokka around 1960


Earlier this year I was asked to contribute in a rather special exhibition: Høyblokka Revisited – –  It was all about the Government Quarter after the terror acts on July 22nd.    I made two sketches.  My opinion was – and still is – that music and sound was needed on the memorial site.  I suggested a  particular melancholic folk song from the Sognefjord.   Yesterday I realized Aftenposten (Norway’s largest newspaper) paid positive attention to my idea –—lekent-tenkt-og-tegnet-7519707.html#.U6sZdcaxo49

Nicholas Møllerhaug ønsker å spille av lyden av et stev i området.   Som Erling Viksjø brukte synlige steinpartikler i sin naturbetong, har norske folketoner ofte spor av mange individuelle steder og tradisjoner i seg, påpeker han. Slik skapes en oppfinnsom, lyrisk, parallell til Viksjøs materialbruk.” 


Nicholas Møllerhaug: Kvedar/Betong

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